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A Paludarium, part 3

by Keri K. on November 27, 2009

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See the most recent changes I’ve made to the paludarium, or “water garden terrarium,” that I keep in my cubicle, and help me come up with more plants to add to it!


A Paludarium, part 2

by Keri K. on October 22, 2009

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In part 2, read about some of the changes I made to my office “water garden terrarium,” including adding fish and new live plants.

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A Paludarium, part 1

by Keri K. on September 26, 2009

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For three years, I’ve shared my cubicle with a small jungle. That’s not a reference to my coworkers, or the mess on my desk, but a paludarium. The word paludarium stems from the Latin words “paludal” (relating to marshes) and “arium” (a place of, or connected to). That is, an environment that combines both water […]