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I have never had a puppy until this year, and I have been trying to do everything by the book. So crate training was a must for us. We had our trials with this: sleepless nights with crying puppy, chases around the house trying to get her to go in her crate – actually physically putting her in it… All kinds of things. But… in the end, it all paid off. Now, 9 months later, we have a properly crate trained dog and it is a WONDER.


Cooper Makes Friends

by DFS-Pet-Blog on October 9, 2013

After Cooper had been cleared of Giardia, we knew that he needed some socialization. Other pups had lived at Cooper’s prior residence, but we knew that it was important for him to find new friends besides Bandit.


I was looking through some of our old covers looking for a picture of a cute kitten, and ended up a little side tracked with all the cute puppies and kittens (heck, even kids!) I was seeing. I thought why not share with everyone so they can enjoy too!?


Puppy leaping, spinning, jumping, pushing, biting, chewing leash, barking…. You, looking overwhelmed on the street, while your neighbors watch you try to walk your puppy.

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Feeding a Puppy

by Melissa R. on April 19, 2013

Are you getting a new puppy soon? Are you wondering how often and when to feed your new puppy? I wondered the same thing! Thankfully, my puppy’s breeder kept me well informed of what my puppy was eating, when, and how often.


I’d recently seen a blog post with a “Day in the life with a new baby”, and that made me think about a day in the life with a new puppy! It is quite a change. Right now my puppy is 19 weeks old. Here is a typical day.


Have a new puppy, or thinking about bringing one into your home? If you are new to puppies like me, you’ll appreciate all the tips and advice you can get to prepare!

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Is your puppy overtired?

by Melissa R. on March 27, 2013

I hear and read constantly that a “tired puppy is a good puppy!” And while this most certainly IS TRUE, there is another side to this story.

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Puppy Update: 17 Weeks Old

by Melissa R. on March 20, 2013

Our new puppy, Emme, is now 17 weeks old! I can’t even believe it. Here’s how things are going.

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Learn about Melissa’s experience crate training her new Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy.


Housetraining a Puppy

by Melissa R. on March 6, 2013

When one gets a new puppy, one of the biggest issues is housetraining. I’ll share my experience with you.


Having just brought home my first puppy, I’ve compiled a quick list of some things we’ve done to be “prepared”… though I’m not sure ANYTHING can properly prepare a person for a new puppy, especially when it is a first!


This year it seems we had an increased number of majorly adorable dogs and puppies coming through the photo studio, and the holiday shots definitely reflected this! I thought I could share some pictures to maybe give y’all the puppy-fix I got!