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Pet Health

Would it surprise you to learn that blood pressure can be checked in cats and dogs, too? Actually, a blood pressure reading can be an important part of monitoring your pet’s overall health.


Last week I posted a link on our Facebook to the Symptom Checker for Dogs and Cats from our site. That thing spread like wild-fire! I couldn’t believe the number of shares it got in less than an hour. It made me think, has everyone forgot about PetEducation?


Each year it’s a tradition in many homes to make resolutions for the upcoming year. Do you make resolutions? How about resolutions to do with your pets and their care? Here’s some ideas if you’d like to try out a resolution for your pet.


Focus on Pet Health

by DFS-Pet-Blog on February 21, 2010

Meet Foster and Smith’s new Pro Team Panel, a group of veterinarians and authoritative pet professionals dedicated to providing you with the most accurate and up-to-date pet health information available.