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Pet Adoption

The Gift Not to Be So Simple

by DFS-Pet-Blog on November 30, 2012

If your household is considering a pet as a gift, consider instead these ideas for preparing your household for the pet.


Like many pets, this Lionhead bunny ended up homeless through no fault of his own. Luckily this story has a heartwarming ending.


Adopting a pet is a big commitment. This animal will spend years of his life with you. So, before you go to a shelter, ask yourself these questions.


Meet Mojito – Our New Dog

by DFS-Pet-Blog on February 23, 2010

Meet Mo, my adopted Chinese Crested.


Our New Dog is Here!

by DFS-Pet-Blog on November 3, 2009

At the shelter, we were attracted to a dog who politely stood at the front of his cage eager lick our hand. In a visitation room he sat right down and with his eyes asked for attention. Soon he was lying on his back for a tummy rub. Read about our new relationships and routine with Kirby.


How do you go about selecting a new dog or puppy? These questions need to be answered before taking the big step of selecting a dog to help ensure that you’ll get the best dog for you.


When Pets Pick People

by DFS-Pet-Blog on September 19, 2009

Mason Meets Sassy One of the things I like about working at Drs. Foster and Smith is the wide variety of animals that come to our photo studio as models for our catalogs. Many are here from our local humane society, and often an animal is adopted by an employee and goes home with a […]