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Multi-Cat Household

CatIt Senses Activity Center engages all kitty’s prey-hunting senses, and keeps cats interested by giving them a variety of things to do.


Kitten Update: Our Bengal kitten, Cosmo, was introduced to our family in October of 2012. He will be a year old at the end of June and is really settling into things.

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It’s been about 4 months since Melissa decided to add a FOURTH kitty to the mix. Read an update on how Cosmo is doing.


I can’t believe we are already into having our new Bengal kitten for a whole month! Seems like Cosmo has been with us forever already. The dynamics between our adult cats and Cosmo continue to evolve day-by-day and it is quite entertaining. I find myself spending way too much time just watching the cats, to see what is going to happen next!


Things continue to progress well with introducing our new Bengal kitten to our other adult cats. It is taking longer for Cosmo to get settled in our home than it has with our other kitten-intros, but I suspect this is because of his breed, and his personality.


We continue to make progress with our adult cats and our new Bengal kitten, Cosmo. He has total freedom in the house now, 24 hours a day, though we still have his litter box, food and water in his “safe room” for him.


7th Day: Keeps getting better! First of all, we have a NAME! We have officially decided to name our new Bengal kitten COSMO. We finally were able to settle on one we both liked right away.


How to introduce your new kitten to a multi-cat household: After hissing, screaming, growling, howling and puffed up kitties, this multi-cat owner decided to follow the “rules” on introducing her new kitten to the family.