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29 Ways to Spoil Your Pet

by DFS-Pet-Blog on January 2, 2016

Pet owners will relate with many of these “tips” for spoiling your pet. No matter how we spoil our pets, it’ll all add up to happy, healthy pets!


CatIt Senses Activity Center engages all kitty’s prey-hunting senses, and keeps cats interested by giving them a variety of things to do.


We had a lot of good things happening tonight! We left the door open to the safe room almost all evening. He is definitely getting more bold and confident, as he was running around the whole room now, checking everything out. We got out some soft food, which we distributed in bowls and had everybody eat – our existing cats in the hallway, and kitty in his room, but close to the door so they could see each other and get used to the idea of “good things” with each other. It went quite well, although there was a lot of grumbling going on.


2nd Night: Kitty had a quick veterinarian exam in the afternoon, to make sure he checked out healthy. He also received his Rabies vaccine. Although he did meow quite a lot in his travel sack, he was generally a very well behaved kitten, and seemed to like his sack a lot. I am sure it is a good safe place for him so makes him feel comfortable. On our way home, I again introduced him to our current cats while he was contained. Our female was not pleased, with lots of hissing going on. The males again seem curious, but no ruffled feathers.


Cat Baths Made Easy

by DFS-Pet-Blog on November 9, 2009

Start your kitten with a good bathing experience and you will have a happy cat forever. This simple approach will have you and kitty purring with delight.


How to introduce your new kitten to a multi-cat household: After hissing, screaming, growling, howling and puffed up kitties, this multi-cat owner decided to follow the “rules” on introducing her new kitten to the family.


After deciding to get a new kitten from a breeder, research began on cat breeds. Find out why this multi-cat household decided on a purebred Ocicat.


Special interest story by the owner of 2 cats, and is considering adding a kitten to their family. Is there a good formula for mixing genders?