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The other night at our Obedience class, I noticed Emme (our 6-month-old puppy), squatting and peeing quite a lot. I chalked it up to all the excitement of the class. The following night though, we had multiple accidents in the house. This is very unlike Emme! She has been pretty well potty-trained since about 12 […]


Each year it’s a tradition in many homes to make resolutions for the upcoming year. Do you make resolutions? How about resolutions to do with your pets and their care? Here’s some ideas if you’d like to try out a resolution for your pet.


Last Saturday afternoon, I noticed my 13-year-old Border Collie, Mocca, was starting to LEAN a bit when she was retrieving a ball. I thought it was a bit odd, and kept a closer eye on her. Generally, I am fairly in tune with her, so any small change in her behavior raises a red flag […]


Know the truths about common dog myths related to housetraining, exercise, dental health, food, ticks and other pet healthcare issues.