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A Paludarium, part 2

by DFS-Pet-Blog on October 22, 2009

In part 2, read about some of the changes I made to my office “water garden terrarium,” including adding fish and new live plants.

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At the age of six, my uncle took me along with him to Pier 1 imports to look at aquarium fish for his 30 gallon freshwater aquarium (I am old and yes, Pier 1 did in fact sell aquarium fish back in the 70’s!). After looking over all of these colorful and interesting fish, one […]


Seahorse, of Course

by DFS-Pet-Blog on August 12, 2009

**Guest post from Felicia M.** I’m the photographer at Liveaquaria’s Aquaculture Coral and Marine Life Facility, and I’ve always been fascinated by aquatic animals.  Right now I have three aquariums – a chilled “deepwater” aquarium, a coral-only nano bullet tank, and a planted livebearer tank. My favorite fish are my seahorses, of course.  In the […]

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