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Dog Gifts

Happy fall! Along with gorgeous new sights and increasingly comfortable temperatures, fall offers unique opportunities for fun with your dog. 1.) Enjoy the changing foliage – Explore a park, go hiking, or simply stroll around your neighborhood to take in nature’s handiwork. Be sure to protect your dog against fleas and ticks with a product like K9 […]


February 23 is Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day! Here are a few fun trivia facts plus what you can do to celebrate this doggitylicious day.


29 Ways to Spoil Your Pet

by DFS-Pet-Blog on January 2, 2016

Pet owners will relate with many of these “tips” for spoiling your pet. No matter how we spoil our pets, it’ll all add up to happy, healthy pets!


Learn about Cerenia, a nausea-controlling drug that helps dogs with motion sickness.

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Would it surprise you to learn that blood pressure can be checked in cats and dogs, too? Actually, a blood pressure reading can be an important part of monitoring your pet’s overall health.


Mother’s Day is right around the corner. If you’re drawing a blank on what to get your pet-lover mom this year, we’ve done the work for you! Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day!) are traditional gift-giving holidays, so it’s the ideal time to hunt for that unique and thoughtful gift to show your appreciation.

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Lots of FUN suggestions for how to exercise dogs. Exercise is extremely important for your dog’s health and to help him behave properly.


Mocca’s Christmas Wish List

by Melissa R. on December 6, 2011

Hey everyone! Mocca here. Mom said she was getting ready to go Christmas shopping, and I figured I better get my list in!


Whether you’re buying a gift for your own dog or a gift for another lucky dog, here are some gift ideas that are dog-approved!


Looking for dog gift ideas? These are tried and tested by my dog, Mocca. She loves every one of these!

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Bloggers’ Choice Dog Toys

by DFS-Pet-Blog on December 9, 2009

Picking the right dog toys for your dog isn’t always easy. Drs. Foster & Smith bloggers suggest dog toys based on their own dog’s preferences.


Whether using dog treats for training or just for fun, it’s nice to offer your dog variety of treats. Recommendations for “tried and true” treats for your dog from our blog authors.