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Dog Exercise

Puppy leaping, spinning, jumping, pushing, biting, chewing leash, barking…. You, looking overwhelmed on the street, while your neighbors watch you try to walk your puppy.

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Inside activities to keep your dog busy and happy during cold winter months.


Lots of FUN suggestions for how to exercise dogs. Exercise is extremely important for your dog’s health and to help him behave properly.


Fit Furry Friends

by DFS-Pet-Blog on March 11, 2011

Working on getting fit? In your quest, remember to include your pet as they need exercise too. Here are points to consider as you pursue a healthier you!


A dog daycare helps these dog owners keep their dogs happy & tired! See the benefits these owners feel their dogs get from a dog daycare.


Bike With Your Dog

by DFS-Pet-Blog on June 4, 2010

Dogs enjoy a bike ride just as much as you! Regardless of the size or even the fitness level of your dog, there are bike accessories that make it easy for you to safely include your dog on bike rides.


Whether you do agility with your dog or not, here’s an interesting “test” to help determine if your dog responds better to verbal or body cues.


Did you know boredom is a leading cause for dog behavioral problems? Proper exercise is key in keeping your dog healthy, happy and well-behaved!


Might your pet like a companion pet? Another cat or dog to play with and maybe even snuggle? Enjoy these stories of multiple pet situations helping to keep each other mentally and physically active. (Fun videos, too!)


Winter Walks With Mocca

by Melissa R. on January 22, 2010

Just because snow and cold weather doesn’t slow down Mocca, it doesn’t mean her owner likes it! Since dog exercise is important, here’s how Melissa handles it.


It’s Snow Go!

by DFS-Pet-Blog on January 20, 2010

It’s difficult to give your dog enough exercise during cold winters. This dog owner takes us on a continuing journey as he explores dog sledding-just for fun.

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Put Your Dog to Work

by DFS-Pet-Blog on November 19, 2009

Help your dog burn off energy and keep him from getting bored by giving him simple jobs around the house. Learn simple household jobs your dog will enjoy.


Mush Ado About Dog Sledding

by DFS-Pet-Blog on November 6, 2009

A long winter make it difficult to properly exercise your dog. This field dog owner found a used dog sled and takes us on a journey as he explores dog sledding.