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2nd Night: Kitty had a quick veterinarian exam in the afternoon, to make sure he checked out healthy. He also received his Rabies vaccine. Although he did meow quite a lot in his travel sack, he was generally a very well behaved kitten, and seemed to like his sack a lot. I am sure it is a good safe place for him so makes him feel comfortable. On our way home, I again introduced him to our current cats while he was contained. Our female was not pleased, with lots of hissing going on. The males again seem curious, but no ruffled feathers.


Not All Cats Love Catnip?!?

by Claire H. on August 27, 2012

When I got my cat Senorita, I thought she was just an odd duck because she didn’t seem all that interested in catnip. I never really thought too much about it, but today I learned a few things on that made it a little more clear… not all cats like catnip.