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Puppy Sleeping: First Night at Home

by DFS-Pet-Blog April 16, 2015

Establish a good bedtime routine for your puppy using these tips by Veterinarian Dr. Kathy Hillestad.

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5 Summer Essentials for Your Dog

by DFS-Pet-Blog April 14, 2015

Warmer weather is finally here! It’s time to dust off your walking shoes, and your dog’s outdoor accessories, and enjoy the outdoors. Whether you take your canine companion camping or just out to the dog park to socialize during the long, warm days of summer, don’t leave home without these warm-weather must-haves:

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Is Your Dog a Good Candidate for a Dog Park?

by DFS-Pet-Blog April 14, 2015

Whether you live in a metropolis high-rise or in a rural community, activity and play are important to your dog’s well-being. For dogs that live in the city or don’t have a backyard of their own, the local dog park can be a great option for a bit of exercise, as well as fun interaction […]

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10 Mother’s Day Gifts for Pet Lovers

by DFS-Pet-Blog March 27, 2015

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. If you’re drawing a blank on what to get your pet-lover mom this year, we’ve done the work for you! Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day!) are traditional gift-giving holidays, so it’s the ideal time to hunt for that unique and thoughtful gift to show your appreciation.

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10 Dogs Who Love “Going Green” for Earth Day

by DFS-Pet-Blog March 23, 2015

“I’m practicing for my Earth Day 5K.”

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14 Best Pet Care Tips

by DFS-Pet-Blog March 19, 2015

Being a pet parent is much more than just snuggling, face licks and playing fetch with your pet. There’s a lot to know about raising a healthy and happy pet, and there’s a lot of information to dig through, which can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, you’re not alone.

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10 Puppies Who Are Rocking National Puppy Day

by DFS-Pet-Blog March 19, 2015

“Make sure you get my good side.” “Did I hear you say walk?” This duo that is ready to take on spring. “I’m practicing my I-love-rolling-in-the-grass roll.” This pile of puppies that hasn’t a care in the world. This puppy who is ready to dominate fetching season. This pair that knows cuteness should always be […]

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Do You Let Your Pets Sleep in Bed With You?

by DFS-Pet-Blog March 12, 2015

Ahh yes, the ultimate pet parent struggle: Should you let your pets sleep in bed with you? In my house, we have two dogs of different size, sex, color and breed. But they have one thing in common — they’re both drama queens when it comes to bedtime. Specifically where they sleep, which is usually […]

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I Saw RED at the 40th annual Minnesota Association of Veterinary Technicians (MAVT) Conference

by DFS-Pet-Blog February 24, 2015

Certified Veterinary Technicians, in order to maintain their certification, need to complete a certain number of hours of continuing education (CE). CE credits can be earned in a number of ways, including online courses, reading and reviewing professional papers, and attending conventions that offer a variety of classes on a variety of interests. I attended […]

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Product Review: Cat Cave by Lollycadoodle

by Melissa R. February 12, 2015

We recently brought home one of the new products we added online. It is called the Cat Cave, and is quite interesting! I knew we had to bring it home to see what our ever-curious kitties would think.

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Fun in the Snow: Paw Care for Canines

by DFS-Pet-Blog February 2, 2015

Winter. It’s a cold, hard fact, especially up here in “bitter-cold-ville,” where winter can be over six months long. But getting up and out is just as important in winter as in summer — even more so, since it takes unwavering motivation to go outside when the weather is chilly. Pet parents must use their […]

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How to Include Pets in Family Photos

by DFS-Pet-Blog January 28, 2015

Dogs are family members, and as a pet parent, I know how fun it is to show off the latest trick one of my pooches learned or the funny sleeping position the other one found during the night. If you’ve been struggling to get the perfect family photo that includes your dog, here are some […]

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Dog Barn Hunt: New Sport Introduction

by Melissa R. January 14, 2015

My pup and I recently attended a “Barn Hunt” seminar in the area. Barn Hunt is a newer dog sport that has only been officially sanctioned since 2013. What is it exactly? There is a “barn environment” set up (think a big garage with multiple hay or straw bales set around and in piles maze-like). […]

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