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Children, by nature, are inquisitive and hands on. When it comes to pets, this isn’t always a good thing. Here’s 5 tips I’ve found useful to assure the safety and happiness of both my kids and the pets they encounter.


Summer is here and we know fun in the sun (and water!) is waiting for you and your furry and feathered family members. To celebrate you and your pets, we’re launching our FIRST EVER #SummerPetFun Contest on Instagram! From July 1 through July 29, we want to see photos and videos of your pets having […]


Sometimes people post questions about their animals here on our blog and feel frustrated when, instead of giving them detailed medical recommendations for their animal, we recommend they talk to their own veterinarian. Several people have asked us why we do this, so we thought we’d explain in case you were wondering.

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If you didn’t know, when you buy your pet’s food or treats from Drs. Foster and Smith a portion of the proceeds are going towards a donation to Michigan State University. This will be funding advancements in pet cancer therapies.


I love some cute animals, and thought maybe everyone would enjoy some fun summer images of fuzzy to scaly friends of all shapes and sizes. Pets love the outdoors just as much as us sometimes, and it’s great when we can take them out to enjoy the nice weather.


Here’s 5 reasons I have seen people give as to why they want a pet, but I think they (or I) maybe should think a little longer on it.

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Tomorrow (May 23rd) is World Turtle Day! I thought this was a perfect excuse to make a collage of some gorgeous creatures. I hope you guys enjoy looking at these beauties.


Each year it’s a tradition in many homes to make resolutions for the upcoming year. Do you make resolutions? How about resolutions to do with your pets and their care? Here’s some ideas if you’d like to try out a resolution for your pet.


I had to sneak over to the photo studio where they were nice enough to let me take a few pictures to share today.


Several feathered, scaly, and furry pets call Drs. Foster & Smith offices their home. Take a look at some fun pictures of these cuties!


Learn a few important facts about turtles and turtle care BEFORE you get a turtle as a pet.


Mini Crabs as Pets

by DFS-Pet-Blog on January 26, 2011

Mini crabs (like fiddler crabs or red claw crabs) are not simply neat additions to a freshwater aquarium, but specialized crustaceans that require a little different habitat and care to thrive and be intriguing pets.


All pet owners want to take good care of their pet. Learn about a priceless site that offers free pet info & tips for good pet care.