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Pet Potpourri

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“My dog doesn’t really like people food.” In my 40+ years on Earth, I’ve heard this statement maybe once or twice. Why? Because 99.9999% OF DOGS ADORE PEOPLE FOOD (an unscientific, but ultimately verifiable fact). Put a slice of pizza, a T-bone steak, a PB&J sandwich, or even a bowl of plain lettuce near a […]


The dog who changed everything

by Andy H. on November 15, 2017

I crossed the small parking lot to my tiny Chevy Sonic, feet crunching on the fresh dusting of snow that had accumulated.  My car sat alone in the lot, cracked windshield and all. The windows were frosted over with a thin layer of ice. I was used to being the last one to leave the […]


Children, by nature, are inquisitive and hands on. When it comes to pets, this isn’t always a good thing. Here’s 5 tips I’ve found useful to assure the safety and happiness of both my kids and the pets they encounter.


29 Ways to Spoil Your Pet

by DFS-Pet-Blog on January 2, 2016

Pet owners will relate with many of these “tips” for spoiling your pet. No matter how we spoil our pets, it’ll all add up to happy, healthy pets!


From the moment I found out our photographer Alan and I were going to visit one of our new partner companies, Vetco, I was excited for the opportunity to observe veterinarians and technicians take care of pets in the new world of the mobile Vetco clinic.


4 Pet Tips for Labor Day

by DFS-Pet-Blog on August 24, 2015

Summer might be a soon-to-be memory for many of us as days get shorter, but as the last hurrah of summer nears and we celebrate Labor Day, we need to ensure our pets will be safe on this holiday and all others. Keep these tips in mind as you celebrate at home with friends and […]


You’ve been feeding your dog the same food since you welcomed him home as a new puppy, and now he’s chewing his paws and he’s itching all over the place. You frantically made an appointment with your veterinarian. The diagnosis? A possible food allergy. Now what?


Summer is here and we know fun in the sun (and water!) is waiting for you and your furry and feathered family members. To celebrate you and your pets, we’re launching our FIRST EVER #SummerPetFun Contest on Instagram! From July 1 through July 29, we want to see photos and videos of your pets having […]


Summer has finally rolled around. For our family, this means fun in the sun, lazy days on the boat, swimming, and – of course – ticks! But this year, we’re using a new flea and tick collar on our dogs that has saved the day, and allowed us to spend more time outside with them […]


14 Best Pet Care Tips

by DFS-Pet-Blog on March 19, 2015

Being a pet parent is much more than just snuggling, face licks and playing fetch with your pet. There’s a lot to know about raising a healthy and happy pet, and there’s a lot of information to dig through, which can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, you’re not alone.


Ahh yes, the ultimate pet parent struggle: Should you let your pets sleep in bed with you? In my house, we have two dogs of different size, sex, color and breed. But they have one thing in common — they’re both drama queens when it comes to bedtime. Specifically where they sleep, which is usually […]


Certified Veterinary Technicians, in order to maintain their certification, need to complete a certain number of hours of continuing education (CE). CE credits can be earned in a number of ways, including online courses, reading and reviewing professional papers, and attending conventions that offer a variety of classes on a variety of interests. I attended […]