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I’ve had an unfounded fear of larger birds for quite some time. Today, I can most definitely say I no longer have to say it, and am happy to have overcome this fear thanks to a Military Macaw named Cabela.


Recently we reduced prices on many of our Wild Bird products, so I thought I would share some of them with you.


CONGRATULATIONS TO JILL BUTLER ON WINNING! Thank you to everyone who participated! Wild Bird Birdbath and Feeder Giveaway!* To enter: leave a comment on this post telling us why you should win this birdbath and feeder. We will pick ONE LUCKY WINNER to win the Birdbath and Feeder (combined value of $139.98!) Entry Deadline: Noon […]

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Employees at Drs. Foster and Smith Pet Supplies share their passion for pets by writing stories and experiences about their own pets here on our Pet Blog. Learn about Curtis and Molly – the newest additions to our employee pet family.


I love some cute animals, and thought maybe everyone would enjoy some fun summer images of fuzzy to scaly friends of all shapes and sizes. Pets love the outdoors just as much as us sometimes, and it’s great when we can take them out to enjoy the nice weather.


Here’s 5 reasons I have seen people give as to why they want a pet, but I think they (or I) maybe should think a little longer on it.

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Are the Red-Winged Blackbirds and the Brown-Headed Cowbirds raiding your bird feeder and bullying your backyard’s songbirds? These tips might help!


Each year it’s a tradition in many homes to make resolutions for the upcoming year. Do you make resolutions? How about resolutions to do with your pets and their care? Here’s some ideas if you’d like to try out a resolution for your pet.


Thieves in the Night

by DFS-Pet-Blog on December 28, 2012

Living in the northwoods of Wisconsin we have a variety of wild animals passing through my yard. Most commonly we see Grey Squirrels, Weasels, Chipmunks, and White-tailed Deer and the occasional Raccoon. I have not seen any of those animals ever get to the feeders, especially at night. So what was invading my feeders?


Several feathered, scaly, and furry pets call Drs. Foster & Smith offices their home. Take a look at some fun pictures of these cuties!


Office Bird Antics

by DFS-Pet-Blog on February 22, 2012

Sweet story of Skittles the parakeet who “works” at Drs. Foster & Smith. This office bird keeps everyone whistling and entertained.


The benefits of pet ownership is so powerful that maybe doctors should start prescribing pets!


The Big Year

by Mary Ellen K. on October 13, 2011

With this star cast, “The Big Year” is sure to entertain us and renew our exciting hobby of birding!