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Clownfish are very challenging to breed in captivity. Watch video of the beautiful Clownfish that LiveAquaria has successfully spawned.


Learn about the new lighting technology at the Drs. Foster and Smith’s Aquaculture Coral and Marine Life facility. It’s showing very promising results!


Their long and slender bodies and velvet like smooth skin are beautiful, but they can be a challenge to maintain. Learn about Ribbon eels!


Tear down of a 5-year-old, 120-gallon marine aquarium is no small job. See how years of experience (i.e. past mistakes) helped this tear down go smoothly.


Fishes of the family Labridae are commonly known as Wrasse. Gain a better understanding of this group of fishes with this helpful info.


Learn about variations in coloration and markings between Exquisite Wrasse fish from different regions.

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Learn about the incredible Australian Scribbled Angelfish including the differences between male and female Australian Scribbled Angelfish – Chaetodontoplus duboulayi.

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Read about the Choat’s Leopard Wrasse fish species, and find out one of the often overlooked critical factors in determining their success in home aquaria.

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Smaller saltwater aquariums provide a perfect platform for some smaller species of fish and invertebrates. Learn about aquarium shrimp, and watch a fascinating video of a pair of Magnificent Shrimp Gobies with their buddy the Red Banded Snapping Shrimp.

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Saltwater Ich and Velvet

by Kevin Kohen on January 7, 2010

Most everyone eventually encounters some form of disease associated with marine fishes. Understanding how to properly medicate and condition fish to boost their immune system is one way to ensure you are providing the best possible care for piscine friends that we so lovingly care for in our homes.


Custom Marine Aquarium Build

by Kevin Kohen on October 28, 2009

Maintaining several different aquariums can be time consuming and overwhelming. One solution to this dilemma is incorporating a large centralized filtration system which can run multiple aquariums.

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At the age of six, my uncle took me along with him to Pier 1 imports to look at aquarium fish for his 30 gallon freshwater aquarium (I am old and yes, Pier 1 did in fact sell aquarium fish back in the 70’s!). After looking over all of these colorful and interesting fish, one […]