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Since digging is an instinct, it’s not realistic to expect your ferret to learn to never do it. In my experience, the best way to avoid so much sweeping or vacuuming is to just to minimize the damage! Here’s how I do it.


Gourami are a beautiful and peaceful fish. Learn about their care requirements and other interesting facts…maybe you’ll want to add a Gourami to your aquarium!


A rescued dog goes to obedience training class to introduce him to new people and places, and learn new tips to help him become a more social dog.


Ferrets love stuff they can’t have, especially chewing on or eating things they shouldn’t, like foam and rubber. N-Bones have a texture that invites safe chewing, one of the reasons they’re one of the most popular ferret treats.


Pets often need more mental stimulation than our domesticated life offers, and a toy like the Atomic Treat Ball is a simple, entertaining way to help. Combining food and fun, it’s my dog’s favorite toy.


If you have a ferret, you should learn about adrenal disease. Read about my ferret Trick’s experience with this illness and how we treated it. Then go make sure you have an emergency veterinarian for your own pets!


Does Your Dog Need Boots?

by Keri K. on March 2, 2010

Here’s my (and my Chinese Crested, Mojito’s) experience with dog boots and Wisconsin winters.


Meet Mojito – Our New Dog

by Keri K. on February 23, 2010

Meet Mo, my adopted Chinese Crested.


What makes a ferret smelly? The answers are usually the ferret’s diet and environment, not the ferret himself! Here are some ways to get a good-smelling pet and home.

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Nametags: Your Pets Need Them!

by Keri K. on January 18, 2010

Do ALL of your pets have nametags? There are lots of great reasons to have tags made for more than just your dog. Cats, ferrets and even rabbits –- any pet that goes outdoors or just leaves the house — should have their own tags too!

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Our photographers take a lot of photos to get that one that’s just right. While not every photo might be “cover worthy,” a lot of them can be funny or just plain cute.

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Catnip Crazy

by Keri K. on January 5, 2010

Catnip is a completely safe, non-addictive indulgence for your kitties. You can use it to spice up old toys, or make cat furniture or scratchers even more appealing. Learn more about catnip!


Like humans (and specifically pirates), guinea pigs cannot manufacture their own vitamin C, which means they are susceptible to the disease called scurvy. Learn more about guinea pig nutrition, as well as my pig’s favorite leafy treat.