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Heather C.

Heather’s new puppy had a drooling problem that lead to vomiting when riding in the car. Here’s her story and what her solution was.


Cooper Makes Friends

by Heather C. on October 9, 2013

After Cooper had been cleared of Giardia, we knew that he needed some socialization. Other pups had lived at Cooper’s prior residence, but we knew that it was important for him to find new friends besides Bandit.


Bringing Home Cooper

by Heather C. on August 16, 2013

After we brought Cooper home, we found out that we were in for a tough time. Not only was Cooper sick, but our first furkid wasn’t very fond of him. We didn’t realize that adding to our fur family would be a challenge! We were so excited to introduce Cooper to our kitty Bandit and were surprised by what happened upon their introduction.

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