10 Dogs Who Love “Going Green” for Earth Day

by DFS-Pet-Blog on March 23, 2015

  1. “I’m practicing for my Earth Day 5K.”

  2. 69991K_018SQ

  3. This dog who wants you to sit down in the grass and enjoy the Earth with him.

  4. 42059P_005SQ

  5. “I’m working on my spring tan.”

  6. 73889_008

  7. “I make Earth Day activities look good.”

  8. FS37234P_006SQ

  9. This dog who wonders when the rest of the puppies are coming to play outside.

  10. FS73890K_071_CVRSQ

  11. This puppy who knows outdoor snuggling is the best way to celebrate Earth Day.

  12. FS58799N_CVRSQ

  13. This trio of puppies who is ready to play ball!

  14. FS58955N_624_CVRSQ

  15. “I’m coming! Don’t open the bag of organic dog treats without me!”

  16. FS63664K_006_CVRSQ

  17. This dog who wants to make sure his pet parent becomes one with the Earth today.

  18. FS51615N_CVRSQ

  19. This dog who loves swimming like it’s his job.

  20. 79512K_032SQ

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