How to Include Pets in Family Photos

by DFS-Pet-Blog on January 28, 2015

Dogs are family members, and as a pet parent, I know how fun it is to show off the latest trick one of my pooches learned or the funny sleeping position the other one found during the night.

If you’ve been struggling to get the perfect family photo that includes your dog, here are some basic tips to help you snap the next tailwagging tailpiece.

1. Be spontaneous. No, I don’t mean planning a romantic date to woo your canine into a stress-free photo shoot. But you can only plan so much for the “perfect” picture.41789P_006-Blog

Some of the best pet moments are captured at the most unexpected times, so have fun and let your dog guide the shoot if possible.

If you’re behind the lens, just let your dog play around with the kids for awhile — this is a great opportunity to catch those authentic smiles (and face licks!) and heartwarming snuggles you’ll love to commit to memory.

If you have limited time with a professional photographer, your dog might benefit from Drs. Foster and Smith Ultra-Calm Tablets or Chews, which encourage calm behavior.

43863P_006-Blog2. Stay calm and be patient. Pets feed off of your energy, so if you’re anxious about getting the perfect photo, they’ll sense it. So take a deep breath and understand they’re just as excited as you are to create a family memory.

If you’re shooting in a location your dog isn’t familiar with, it’s a good idea to let him sniff around and get comfortable before trying to ease him into portrait-ready position. Remember how awkward that was when you were little and your parents forced you to sit for what seemed like hours for the annual family photo?

3. Feed the frenzy. You know your dog’s ears perk up at the sound of the notorious T-R-E-A-T word, so use that to your advantage when you’re shooting photos.

You can motivate your dog with the help of some tasty treats to move to certain areas within a shot or sit and stay while the photographer snaps some precious memories.

Finicky felines can sometimes make it more difficult to capture the perfect shot, especially if you’re taking photos outside and your cat isn’t used to being outdoors. The best advice is to let your cat do her own thing until she gets comfortable, and just snap away until you get the best photo — she’ll eventually come snuggle up in your lap.

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