What’s the Most Unique Aquatic Experience?

by DFS-Pet-Blog on December 6, 2014

Aquatic Experience, held in Chicago in early November, was a must-see for any aquatic hobbyist. Some of you made the trip and got to meet our in-house experts. From educational seminars and hobbyist contests to a build-your-own-aquarium kid’s activity, the show was loaded with fun learning opportunities for all ages.

Aquatic Experience, operated by the World Pet Association (WPA), showcases the latest in aquatic trends and products alongside local and national hobbyist groups, livestock and equipment experts.

Plus, it’s a great opportunity for current hobbyists to increase awareness with the younger generation of aquatic enthusiasts. AquascapingLive2-web

Our own Kevin Kohen, director of LiveAquaria, presented a seminar on Reef Fishes to a jam-packed room of attendees, followed by a Q&A session on the topic.

And some of our other Drs. Foster and Smith and LiveAquaria employees were on hand to answer attendee questions and meet some of you!

“Aquatic Experience was such an inspirational show to attend,” said Terri Snyder, Drs. Foster and Smith merchandiser. “It was wonderful to meet so many of our loyal customers and hear how much they love us! We have fantastic customers and they are all devoted pet lovers!

“It was interesting to hear how many other pets people have in addition to fish – we passed out many dog, cat, bird, wild bird, and small pet catalogs in addition to aquarium supply catalogs. And we had the chance to see some very cool new products that we will be setting up to add online soon!”

Steve Krogh, LiveAquaria Coral Farm operations manager, said the most unique part was that Aquatic Experience showcases both freshwater and saltwater hobbies because most shows are either one or the other. “I was very impressed with the show and how it catered to everyone from the person interested in setting up their first tank, to the advanced freshwater and saltwater Aquatic Experiencehobbyist,” he said.

Kelly Melder, Drs. Foster and Smith merchandiser, enjoyed the show’s focus on children and the future of the hobby. “The show is a great way to get children interested in the hobby so it continues to grow,” she said. “We met a lot of great people. It’s always nice to talk with hobbyists and listen to them share their knowledge and experiences.”

Kelly Raddatz, another Drs. Foster and Smith merchandiser who attended, enjoyed everything about the show. “I loved all the different activities that they had like the live shark tank, the competitions with the kid aquariums and also the planted aquariums,” she said.

According to the WPA, the second annual show attracted about 5,000 guests. “The desire for this type of all-aquatics show has become clear, and we look forward to continuing to provide a show where both sophisticated hobbyists and new aquarium keepers can be inspired and supported,” said WPA president Doug Poindexter.

Don’t miss out next year for the opportunity to meet our LiveAquaria gurus and network with other aquatic hobbyists! For more information on Aquatic Experience, visit www.aquaticexperience.org. Visit www.liveaquaria.com.
Aquatic Experience

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