Lutino Cockatiel Rules the Roost

by DFS-Pet-Blog on November 14, 2014

Frank is an adopted Lutino Cockatiel that rules the roost in Barb’s household. Take a peek at how Frank stole this Drs. Foster and Smith employee’s heart.

Name: Frank (Short for Franklin Delano Cockatiel)
Companion: Barb S.
Species: Nymphicus hollandicus/ Lutino (white with yellow crest) Cockatiel
Birthday: Unknown, but around September 1, 2007


My Favorite Treats: Lafeber’s Cockatiel Nutriberries, Pine Cone Treats (I can stand on these!)

Favorite Things: Hanging upside down and spreading my wings, getting my head “scritched,” singing songs and whistling, and road trips.
Traits: Fearless, interested in everything, relaxed about life, an old soul.
Hobbies: Scaring the cat, crawling around the playstand, playing with toys, pecking something shiny.


Siblings: A canine brother and a feline brother.
How I found my home: My previous family gave me up due to illness. In 2013, Barb spotted me and fell in love the day I was put up for adoption – I only had to use a little persuasion.

When the weather is good, Barb brings me back and forth from home to work and I LOVE to travel because I feel like I’m flying down the road. I’m so lucky I have two permanent cages and a travel cage. I am a very lucky ‘tiel.

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