How To Travel With Pets During the Holidays

by DFS-Pet-Blog on November 20, 2014

Tis’ the season for traveling. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, most long-distance holiday travel — about 90 percent! — is by car. So, whether you’re heading south to a warmer climate or packing up and heading north to spend time with friends and family, don’t forget to keep pets safe as you pile into the minivan.


Traveling with pets — puppies or adults — is safer and easier with a kennel. But there are many types of kennels available, so where do you begin?

First, you need the proper kennel for the type and size of your pet.

Plastic and wire kennels are both very good products for dogs and cats. Today’s wire kennels offer convenience and versatility features that usually make them a better choice for most pet owners. Soft, easy-to-fold crates and carriers are other great options that provide a lightweight alternative.

There’s no question that pets, like children, should be safely restrained while traveling. All it takes is a sudden stop or turn to seriously injure your pet — not to mention what could happen if you got in an accident.

Second, unrestrained pets are also the cause of many accidents, as they can distract or even interfere with the driver’s ability to control the vehicle.

Pet restraints and car seats quickly and easily attach to a vehicle’s seat belt, and they provide plenty of freedom for the pet to sit up or lie down. Wire cages or plastic crates are also excellent choices to protect pets while traveling, as they shield pets from falling objects.

Animals riding in a vehicle should be in a cage, crate, traveling harness, or otherwise restrained. Don’t let your pet ride in the bed of pickup truck, even if restrained. Cages or crates may be thrown out in the event of an accident. Animals who are tied may attempt to jump out, resulting in strangulation or dragging the animal behind the vehicle.

If you’re traveling long distances, be sure to let your pet get enough exercise before you hit the road. And don’t forget to let them go potty!

Grandma’s homemade green bean casserole is waiting for you, but don’t forget to reward your pet for a smooth — and safe — ride with his her own yummy treats.

Bottom line? You protect yourself and your family with seat belts — shouldn’t you do the same for your pet?

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