Drs. Foster and Smith Summer Sale: 5 Deals for the Pet on the Go!

by Claire H. on July 4, 2014

Our Summer Sale is on! What does that mean to you? Great savings on your favorite products here at Drs. Foster and Smith! Come on over and check out these 5 great deals for the dog on the go:

Travel Lite Tri-Fold Ramp

Ease access to the vehicle for you and your pet.
Deluxe Pet Vehicle Safety Harnesses

This ultra-tough vehicle harness is crash-tested AND strength-tested to 3,000+ lbs resistance
Canine Friendly Pet First Aid Kit

Be prepared for if you can’t get to a vet right away in an emergency.
Drs. Foster and Smith Dental Scrubbies
Don’t forget to pack the treats!
Pet Saver Life Jacket

Boost your dog’s safety during water adventures!
  Don’t forget to have your dog’s nametag up to date to ensure your pet’s safety! Even if they’re micro-chipped, a nametag will help the person who finds them first.

Claire is a mom to three children. She has owned dogs and cats in the past, and currently has one calico cat named Potatoe. Although never owning them, she is very interested in reptiles, and has assisted friends in the past who owned a reptile store.

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