Thank You CFLAS for Voting Best Online Store!

by Aquatics on June 23, 2014

Best of Central FlordiaWe were recently notified that the Central Florida Aquarium Society had voted as their #1 online store! Thank you CFLAS for this award. It means a lot to us to have a group of aquarists like this come together and say we are the best. We truly appreciate this and it is a great boost of confidence for our hardworking call center agents and the entire staff at our Aquaculture Coral & Marine Life Facility here in Rhinelander, WI. Outstanding customer service has always been our #1 goal, and we strive for that each and every day. THANK YOU to everybody who purchases from us.

The Central Florida Aquarium Society has a great, information-filled website, and it looks like they have many activities. It is a great reminder of how much good an aquarium society can do for you. Are you a member of any aquarium society? We are willing to bet there is probably one in your area! Check out the listing of clubs on the MASNA club directory page – this is mostly saltwater, but there are plenty of freshwater clubs around as well. We encourage all hobbyists to join one if they can. Not only are they great resources for knowledge, but getting to know local aquarists like yourself is priceless. They are also great sources for trades – got a fish too big for your aquarium? Somebody else may have something to trade for it. Not to mention group buys, and great activities!

MACNASpeaking of gatherings of aquarists… Have you ever attended a MACNA conference? MACNA is the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America. The conference is held every year in a different location – hosted by the chosen local aquarium club as well as MASNA (the Marine Aquarium Society of North America). This year the conference is being held in Denver, CO, August 29 – August 31, 2014. Three whole days filled with expert speakers, vendors and frags! Plus getting together with reef geeks from all over the world… It shouldn’t be missed. We will be there, will you? Learn more here.

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