Paying It Forward to Fund a Cure

by Claire H. on February 7, 2014

fftc-cooperYou may have noticed something called Feeding for the Cure on our site. If you didn’t know, when you buy your pet’s food or treats from Drs. Foster and Smith a portion of the proceeds are going towards a donation to Michigan State University. This will be funding advancements in pet cancer therapies. Drs. Foster and Smith will be making a donation to MSU of at least $50,000 annually.

What, you may ask, does that mean to you? It means that, by purchasing the products you always do for your pets, you are helping make the donation possible. By making a purchase you can know that you have done something to give back for the greater good.fftc-george

How, you may ask, does buying from us help YOU give back? The donation to the Veterinary College at MSU will provide funds towards cancer therapy and treatment advancement. Although cancer therapies are what our donations will go towards, Michigan State University is training the vets for the future. The veterinary college also works with food safety and the testing of your pets’ foods and treats to ensure nothing but the best is what’s provided to pets.

Drs. Foster and Smith has always focused on providing quality products and information to fftc-potatoeassist you in affordable at-home healthcare and leisure for your pets. Dr. Race Foster and Dr. Marty Smith are both licensed veterinarians who are passionate about their profession. MSU is the alma mater of Dr. Race, and he’s still active in the MSU veterinary college community, but the main reason for choosing the university is their broad approach to improving the life of pets. Giving back to the veterinary community to aide with advances in pet cancer therapies is how Drs. Foster and Smith wishes to pay it forward.

Many of our customers are already helping to make this happen as they return to purchase their pets’ favorite treats and food. We’re always expanding our line of treats as well, meaning you don’t have to get stuck in a rut ordering the same ol’ treats in order to help give back. We even offer Auto Delivery on all our foods, as well as some of our treats, to help make life just that little bit easier.

So, how about it? Why not take a gander at the treats and foods available for your pets, and be part of our commitment to help Feeding for the Cure.






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Claire is a mom to three children. She has owned dogs and cats in the past, and currently has one calico cat named Potatoe. Although never owning them, she is very interested in reptiles, and has assisted friends in the past who owned a reptile store.

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