Why I Love a Crate Trained Dog!

by Melissa R. on November 1, 2013

Puppy Emme

Happy Puppy

We have written several posts about why a crate training your dog is a good idea. Here they are:

Now, if those are not enough to convince you…Let me tell you more!

I have never had a puppy until this year, and I have been trying to do everything by the book. So crate training was a must for us. We had our trials with this: sleepless nights with crying puppy, chases around the house trying to get her to go in her crate – actually physically putting her in it… All kinds of things. But… in the end, it all paid off. Now, 9 months later, we have a properly crate trained dog and it is a WONDER.

For instance, this weekend we visited my brother for two nights. I brought Emme’s crate and set it up, showed her where it was at. Later in the evening when I mentioned it was probably “time for bed” – I saw her tilt her head and RACE downstairs and hop in her crate! She settled in happily for the night and didn’t make a peep.

The next morning, after some fun playtime with my niece and nephew and a good long walk, it was time to get ready for the day ahead, and so I said to Emme, “Is it time for a shower?” — “Shower” to her means it is time for a nap in her crate. Guess what? RACED downstairs and hopped in her crate.

It was also very handy to use when she got overexcited and or overtired during the weekend! A quick nap in her crate and she would calm down and be ready to go again for more playtime. When we would have to leave her for a bit, I knew she was safely tucked away in her crate napping, and not getting into trouble.

I just can’t say enough how happy I am we put the time and effort into crate training.
How many of you have crate trained your pups?

About the author: Melissa is a devoted pet owner with several cats: Kai, Cirrhi & Ritter; and the newest addition, Emme a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Melissa is an avid dog agility enthusiast, and hopes her new pup will someday be an agility champion! She is a Graphic Designer and Project Coordinator for the DrsFosterSmith.com and LiveAquaria.com websites. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Michigan State University and is a lifelong pet lover and owner. See more articles by Melissa R.

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Andrea November 1, 2013 at 10:00 am

We crate-trained our beagle for daytime and she LOVES it, but at night she sleeps in our bed and I’m starting to wonder if that was a mistake (as much as we love it!) She is 10 months old and when she’s a tired beagle and goes right to sleep, there’s no issue. But frequently the second we go upstairs for “sleepytime” she gets a second wind of energy and runs rampant around our room when we’re trying to go to sleep. We also want her to get used to being in the crate when we’re actually in the house – right now, if she’s in the crate and she hears us moving around, she cries.

Charles Marshall November 4, 2013 at 10:44 am

Wow.. It’s very nice post and I love a crate trained dog. I have also trained my puppy and It’s only 8 months old. Thanks for sharing the post.

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