Pet Myths: A Twitter Poll

by Claire H. on October 28, 2013

Black Kitten Last year some time (yes, I know, why did I take so long!?) I asked what are some common pet myths people know. We got a few responses, and I thought the first one made this a perfect post for the Halloween season.

@HeidiEly tweeted:
black cats are evil

I have heard this one myself a million times and still chuckle at it. I definitely have a few feline favorites that are black.

@mlmredhead tweeted:
My 92 y/o neighbor thinks you can get or give a cold or flu to/from your dog. #idontthinkso #petmyth

This actually is somewhat true. If you check out this article on Kennel Cough from, it has a section on human risk. Primarily humans who have compromised immune systems are the ones who could be affected by tracheobronchitis.

@aphotobug tweeted:
Neutering will take away their dog’s “masculinity”. O_o

Some of the most masculine dogs I’ve met are female, hahaha! Seriously though, neutering your dog has many health and behavioral benefits. You can learn about them in this article on

@JhawkVetPharmr tweeted:
maybe not most common, but I hate when people think ALL breeders are puppy mills & worsen the shelter problem

Hear, hear! I agree that you can’t lump all breeders into any category. The types of breeders out there are as different as the breeds they raise. Here’s an article from that explains how to choose the “right” dog breeder for you.

@mlmredhead also tweeted:
A cat sleeping with you will steal your breath… Or sleeping w your dog/cat is unhealthy for you, when it’s the opposite #petmyths

One of my favorite books is Cat’s Eye by Stephen King, and it most definitely is the story I prefer when it comes to a cat’s intent when sleeping with us. I remember people saying I had to be careful of the cat getting into the baby’s crib and killing the baby when I had my first kid. My mom had two cats when I was a baby… neither one tried killing me, although they did like to snuggle.

@mercyskye tweeted:
“Cats are not social animals.”

Personally, I feel cats are the socialites of the Animal Kingdom. They love attention, especially on demand, and much like humans – play favorites. We can’t say people aren’t social creatures based off the few of us who prefer to spend their time alone.

What other myths have you heard about pets?

Claire is a mom to three children. She has owned dogs and cats in the past, and currently has one calico cat named Potatoe. Although never owning them, she is very interested in reptiles, and has assisted friends in the past who owned a reptile store.

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