Featured Employee Pets: Curtis and Molly

by DFS-Pet-Blog on October 11, 2013

Curtis and Molly visiting in my cubicle

Curtis and Molly visiting in my cubicle

Employees at Drs. Foster and Smith Pet Supplies share their passion for pets by writing stories and experiences about their own pets here on our Pet Blog. Learn about Curtis and Molly – the newest additions to our employee pet family.


  • Names: Curtis and Molly
  • Owner: We’re now the Internet Marketing birds, but Kristi is our main favorite person
  • Breed: Budgerigars (Also called Budgies or Parakeets)
  • Weight: Light as a feather 🙂


Curtis and Molly hanging out on Kristi's monitor

Curtis and Molly hanging out on Kristi's monitor

  • Our Favorite Treats: We LOVE millet!
  • Favorite Things: We spend a lot of time on the variety of perches in our cage, as well as trying out our Snuggle Sack.
  • Traits: We’re still pretty shy, but love coming out when bribed with treats.
  • Hobbies: We like to squawk at the trucks that drive by everyday, but spend a lot of time playing around on our cage. We’re getting use to the idea that we can be out of our cage, but slowly have been working on spending time around Kristi and Claire‘s desks.


  • Siblings: Three Cockatiels – two of which live in the photo studio now, and one who has found his forever home with a copywriter in Creative.
  • How we found our home: When our owner got sick, he had to find homes for us and our three Cockatiel siblings. Upon hearing this, the lovely animal handler in the photo studio offered to have us come here to Drs. Foster and Smith. Within no time she had found us all homes. We can even visit each other whenever we like.

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