Cooper Makes Friends

by DFS-Pet-Blog on October 9, 2013

Cooper and Chloe

Cooper and Chloe

After Cooper had been cleared of Giardia, we knew that he needed some socialization. Other pups had lived at Cooper’s prior residence, but we knew that it was important for him to find new friends besides Bandit.

We only lived a few miles from my parents and their two dogs, Chloe and Bullet. Chloe was a mild mannered Golden Retriever like Cooper. Bullet, a pug and Pekingese mix, was quite vocal in his happiness or displeasure in any situation. One Saturday morning we decided it was time to introduce the pets. We brought Cooper over to Chloe and Bullet’s house and led Cooper inside. Chloe ran up with her tail in full wag position. She was very eager to meet the new mini version of herself. Bullet trotted up to Cooper, gave him a sniff and was not too pleased. Bullet did not want Cooper by his friend Chloe, and he also did not want him near any of his toys. When Cooper got too close, Bullet issued a warning growl and Cooper would walk away. In true Cooper fashion, he curled up and went to sleep after a few minutes of being in the house.

Cooper and Bullet

Cooper and Bullet

After the pups had taken a nap, Bullet was ready to play. He brought one of his rope toys to Cooper and dropped it by his feet. Cooper didn’t know how to play with toys at this point and just looked at it. Bullet got sick of waiting for Cooper and started whining for him to play. This got Chloe excited and they started tearing around the house in a wild chase. Cooper’s ears perked up and he became the third pup in the never-ending game of chase that was ensuing in front of us. They became fast friends and inseparable partners in crime (especially Cooper and Bullet).

Our next adventure came when it was time to choose a dog park to further Cooper’s socialization. Who knew that there would be so many dynamics to consider when introducing your pet to others?

How did you begin your puppy’s socialization? Did they make new furry friends?

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