My Top 10 Pet Lover Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

by Claire H. on September 6, 2013

blog-gift I don’t know when they snuck all this new product on the website, but I have definitely been seeing some things that I may be picking up for gifts. Check out some of the things I have come across lately that I pinned to our Pinterest.

If you would like to check out all the new products we are carrying, click here.

1 ) Pet Treat Launcher

2 ) Licensed Seat Belt Buckle Collars and Leads

3 ) Green Interactive Dog Feeder

4 ) Shotgun Shell Collar

5 ) Cat Lovers Absorbent Stone Coasters

6 ) Reefer DNA ImaReefer High Five T-Shirt

7 ) Marshall Cruising Critter Raceway

8 ) Cashel® iPod Holder for Horseback Riding

9 ) Dog Slogan Pillows

10 ) Groovy Tie Dye Toys for Dogs

Claire is a mom to three children. She has owned dogs and cats in the past, and currently has one calico cat named Potatoe. Although never owning them, she is very interested in reptiles, and has assisted friends in the past who owned a reptile store.

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