Bringing Home Cooper

by DFS-Pet-Blog on August 16, 2013

Cooper His First Day Home

Cooper His First Day Home

After we brought Cooper home, we found out that we were in for a tough time. Not only was Cooper sick, but our first furkid wasn’t very fond of him. We didn’t realize that adding to our fur family would be a challenge! We were so excited to introduce Cooper to our kitty Bandit and were surprised by what happened upon their introduction.

We entered the house and set Cooper down. Bandit came running up like she did every time one of us came home, but this time she wasn’t so excited. As soon as she saw the golden fluff ball, she turned around and high tailed it back into our bedroom closet (where she spent most of her time). Cooper started sniffing around, so we found Bandit and brought her back into the living area. We gave her some attention and hoped that she may want to stay around and investigate her new sibling. After her thorough rubbing session, she gave Cooper a lion sized hiss and took off again. Poor Cooper, who had never seen a cat before, tucked his tail between his legs and went running in the opposite direction.

Bandit After Her Bath

Bandit After Her Bath

Unfortunately, we realized that both pets needed a bath. Cooper had been sick in the car on the way home and Bandit had jumped into the garbage can while attempting counter top acrobatics. Bathing would only anger her more and prolong our puppy issue, but it was better than a sticky cat. We bathed a howling Bandit first, and then wrangled Cooper into the tub. After the bath, Bandit scowled at us from behind the television. Anytime one of us attempted to get near her, we were issued a stern warning growl. We figured that we should give Bandit the time and space that she needed to adjust to the changes in our household so left her alone for the rest of the night.

Cooper and Bandit Together... Sort of...

Cooper and Bandit Together... Sort of...

The next morning when we woke up, we found Bandit sniffing Cooper. As soon as she noticed that we had spotted her, she hissed and retreated back to her closet fortress. We gave her attention but didn’t push her to be by Cooper the whole day. Finally, the next morning we found Cooper staring at her and Bandit allowing it. Cooper moved towards her and sniffed her a little bit without much of an angry cat reaction. We thought that maybe Bandit was turning a corner and deciding that this new puppy wasn’t so bad. They started playing a little bit and they have been rough housing since. Luckily, Cooper was and is still a very relaxed (bordering on lazy) dog, so he usually leaves her alone. However, occasionally both of them get a bit frisky and ensue on a wild chase around the house (resulting in some kind of broken or overturned object). In the end, we were fortunate to have pets that learned to accept each other and made pet owning quite easy.

Did you have a difficult time introducing new pets into your household? How did you help everybody adjust?

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