Dr. Race Foster on the Price of Pain Relief

by Drs. Foster and Smith on April 12, 2013

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Novox Carpaquin

Arthritic pain medicationsThe pet owner and canine patient have never had a wider array of choices in arthritic pain medications. From non-steroidal
anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS) to the corticosteroids, pain relief has never been easier.

Previcox (Firocoxib),
Metacam (Meloxicam),
Deramaxx (Deracoxib) and the Carprofens such as
Novox and
Rimadyl, are all available choices to discuss with your veterinarian.

Personally, as a veterinarian, I prefer to prescribe Novox or Carpaquin over the high priced, but equivalent Rimadyl. Rimadyl oftentimes costs twice as much as Novox or Carpaquin, which have the identical active ingredient (carprofen). I urge all pet owners desiring affordable canine pain relief to ask their veterinarians to prescribe Novox or Carpaquin over the higher priced Rimadyl. Additionally, pet insurance providers should be aware of the significant difference in price between Novox/Carpaquin and Rimadyl.

Why do I care? Because oftentimes cost is the deterrent to proper patient care, including pain relief. As a veterinarian, my goal is to educate and provide pet owners with quality, affordable pet care. Ask your veterinarian about Novox, Carpaquin or even Deramaxx on your next visit.

Dr. Race Foster

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