Remembering Loved Pets During the Holidays

by Drs. Foster and Smith on December 19, 2012

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Daisy Mae, a Cocker Spaniel who lives on in the hearts of her loved ones.

Daisy Mae, a Cocker Spaniel who lives on in the hearts of her loved ones.

The holidays are a time of year where we get to create new memories. A time for both giving and receiving gifts from friends and family. It’s also a time when many are remembering their loved ones that are no longer here. These loved ones often include pets.

You don’t have to be experiencing your first year without your pet to find it hard this holiday season without them. Maybe the cranberry sauce that goes un-licked on the carpet reminds you of your precious dog, Fiona, and how much you would give to have her there to help, when it used to feel like she was just getting under your feet while cooking. Perhaps it’s the lack of Christmas ornaments being repeatedly knocked on the floor by your cat, Jasper, which reminds you of how much you miss him.

It’s funny the things that trigger memories in us. Sometimes they really get us out of nowhere. Here at Drs. Foster and Smith we have all had loved pets that have gone over the Rainbow Bridge. We also get to hear from our customers who have also had a loving pet pass on. You’d be amazed at the touching stories we have heard over the years. There’s so many good memories, it’s hard to let go sometimes.

If you find the holiday season to be a tough time of year when it comes to thinking of your loved pets that have passed on, don’t feel alone. Remember the happy times, and maybe sit down with someone else who knew your pet and talk about the memories you have.

For information on grieving the loss of your pet, read our informative article here.

Do you have a pet you’re remembering at this time of year? Leave us a comment below, and tell us all about your loved one.

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