Pay It Forward: A Miracle for Austin

by DFS-Pet-Blog on November 7, 2012

Austin, the wonderful Golden Retriever

Austin, the wonderful Golden Retriever

Oftentimes it is just good to hear about good things that happen to good people. I want to share such a story!

My niece has a beautiful (aren’t all pets beautiful?) Golden Retriever named Austin. She & our beloved Maxx were great fishing buddies! She decided not to have Austin spayed and it was never a problem until a couple weeks ago…

Austin is eight, so when she started bleeding A LOT, my niece thought it was just her age. After a few days, she took her to our local vet. The prognosis was devastating to all of us! Austin’s uterus was gravely infected. She would need surgery or they could try antibiotics. Her family chose to try the antibiotics. After the antibiotics didn’t seem to be helping, my niece took Austin back to the vet and was faced with a decision none of us want to make. She had to decide to put her down, or consent to the surgery, which was very expensive. However, the vet told her of another option… if she would surrender Austin to the local rescue group, they would pay for the surgery. But my niece would lose her “soul mate”; either way, she had a difficult decision to make.

She chose to give her beloved Austin a second chance and consented to the surgery and surrender her pet. Austin survived the surgery, which in itself was a miracle! I spent last weekend with my niece and it was very emotional, but being with family somehow seems to ease the pain.

Family and coworkers offered to adopt Austin and then give her to my niece but she said no, it wouldn’t be the right thing to do as she had surrendered her. Here is the MIRACLE: someone at her work gave her a check for Austin’s surgery! No strings… she was just asked to “Pay it Forward!”

With tears in her eyes and a check in her hand, she went back to the vet where Austin was recovering, paid for the surgery and brought her home! Austin is doing great.

We want to start a non-profit fund to help other “pet parents” when faced with a similar situation but we aren’t quite sure where/how to start. Do any of you have any suggestions for us?

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