Learn from Others Mistakes: Aquarium Tips

by Aquatics on May 22, 2012

We recently asked on our Facebook page, “What is the WORST piece of advice you were given for your aquarium?”. We were amazed by the answers, and wanted to share. Great tips on what NOT to do…

Aquarium Keeping Tips

Aquarium Keeping Tips

    • That tap water will be fine for your reef tank. Correct Answer: Tap water, regardless of sources, contains harmful impurities. Reverse osmosis and deionizers (RO/DI) are the best method for purifying tap water.
    • No problem. Those fish will get along! Correct Answer: Always research your purchases before buying. Our handy Compatibility Charts will help you.
    • You don’t need to quarantine those fish. Correct Answer: Always quarantine new arrivals. Always. Period.
    • You don’t need to change water if you use this (insert latest phase) supplement. Correct Answer: Although additives & conditioners can be beneficial, a good old-fashioned water change is often the best cure.
    • You can use copper to treat Ich with your Shrimp, no problem! Correct Answer: Inverts are highly sensitive to copper and will die from it.

      Invertebrates are sensitive to copper

      Invertebrates are sensitive to copper

    • Fish only grow as big as your tank. Correct Answer: All fish have different needs. Some fish are content to skip around on a few rocks; others enjoy the sand. Some like to hover in a single area. And then others enjoy as much swimming space as possible. That cute 1″ Blue Tang you put in your 50-gallon aquarium may suit it fine right now, but when he grows up to be 6″, there will be problems. Best keep the big fish to big aquariums. Always research what type of activity and aquarium size your potential new fish may need FIRST.

Overwhelmingly the trend is to be sure to check to see if the fish you want can live together peacefully, along with always being sure of what you are or are not putting into your aquarium. Additionally, we can never stress enough the importance of a Quarantine Tank, no matter who you purchased the fish from (even us!). Quarantine is about so much more than just disease prevention. Read a blog post from LiveAquaria.com Director Kevin Kohen here. Any more “Bad Advice” to share with us?

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joshua February 17, 2015 at 8:06 pm

I was told to feed feeder gold fish to lionfish and groupers. I found out later that is a big no no and it can cuase liver failure in them cuz of the feeder gold fish have high fatty acids that saltwater fish have a hard time breaking down

amitava majumdar February 18, 2015 at 10:32 am

You can put several clownfish in your QT, as long as you put them together.

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