Fish Tank, or Work of Art? It’s Both!

by Aquatics on February 7, 2012

Fluval’s complete line of nano aquariums are designed to fit into any environment. The fish keepers of today have taken these unique tanks and continued to push the creative envelope, turning these tanks into works of art. By thinking outside the box, they have modified their setups to create everything from an exquisite reef in an EDGE, to keeping pygmy seahorses in a Chi.


For years, the reef keeping options were limited to bulky unattractive tanks that stand out in the modern home, and not in a good way. Fluval’s affordable selection of nano or desktop aquariums allows customers to choose the model that works for their home or office. Taking up little space and budget, but still providing a beautiful aquatic display, it’s no wonder why the nano segment continues to gain in popularity.


Some choose to incorporate a little (or a lot!) of ingenuity and DIY skills to create some truly impressive ecosystems. This is as much about the challenge as it is about the end result. If the first attempt does not work, the hobbyist modifies the plan and tries again. It is this conquest that made the fish keeping hobby what it is today, and what pushes companies like Fluval to create new and innovative aquariums.


Because of the vast number of modified Fluval EDGE aquariums found in forums like this, Fluval has recently introduced the new LED EDGE, utilizing surface mounted LED lights with both day and night viewing lights. The hobbyists spoke; Fluval listened and responded with a new lighting design as well as a larger 12gal size. One can only imagine how this new model will be challenged and what new ideas hobbyists will think of to push these new tanks to their fullest.

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Fish Tank, or Work of Art? It’s Both! | Lovely Pets
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