Featured Employee Pet: Jager the Lab/Husky Mix

by Mary Ellen K. on February 20, 2012

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  • Name: Jager
  • Owner: Mary Ellen K. from Merchandising
  • Breed: Lab/Husky mix
  • Age: almost 4 years
  • Birthday: March
  • Weight: 75 lbs


  • Favorite Treats: Raw veggies – especially carrots and mint biscuits.
  • Favorite Possession: Butcher’s bone and balls.
  • Tricks: Heal, sit, stay, fetch, retrieve by sight, and retrieve by smell.
  • Hobbies: Duck hunting. Hunting up and retrieving ANYTHING. Playing in the lake and the snow. Watching for invading squirrels in the bird feeder and treeing them if given the chance. Playing with my neighbor, Fletcher (black lab).


  • Human Siblings: Kathryn and Clair who love me sooo much. Kathryn likes to go duck hunting with Dad and I. Clair and I love playing in the snow building and hiding in our snow forts.
  • How I found my home: Mom always tells the story that I was her birthday and Mother’s Day present. She found me on her birthday and I was adopted the next week, on Mother’s Day weekend. The day before her birthday, she decided she wanted a yellow lab for her present. She called all of the shelters in the area and found me in a litter of 8 (yellow and black lab mixes). When they went to the shelter, they were looking for the Alpha Male in the litter. Mom spotted a dog jumping on the cage and thought he was the biggest. Dad disagreed and pointed to a plump pup asleep in the corner… that was me. He said I was the smart one… and must have had a full belly. They fell in love with me the minute they picked me up. Dad was worried that I may not like the water and/or may not retrieve ducks because I have Husky in me. I showed him… I am the best dog at duck camp!

Dog-Jager1 Dog-Jager2

Mary Ellen and her husband have two children and Jager, a lab/husky mix adopted from a local rescue organization. Mary Ellen did not grow up in a household with any pets, but it took only a few months working at Drs. Foster and Smith to make her realize she had to have one. She is a merchandising manager here and holds a BS in Business Administration and Marketing from Marquette University.

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