Aquarium Light Fixture Replicates Natural Sunlight

by Aquatics on February 13, 2012

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Cayman Sun HQI System

Hamilton Cayman Sun HQI pendant systems are an easy to use all in one lighting solution great for reef and marine aquariums.

What sets the Cayman Sun apart is the reflector itself. German made, mirror finish aluminum engineered to intensify light output to the extreme. The multi-faceted, 25-bend reflector actually provides 3 times the PAR rating versus ReefStar pendant reflectors. The result is greater light transfer to the aquarium and higher PAR values. Higher PAR values means quicker and more sustained coral growth. This means, with the Cayman Sun HQI pendant, you will have no problem keeping any coral in your aquarium – even light demanding, hard to keep SPS will thrive!

Included with each Cayman Sun system is our most popular metal halide bulb – the Hamilton True 14K. Our True 14K bulb emits a sparkling white light mixed with vibrant actinic blue rays simulating sunlight at ocean depths of 8 – 20 feet. The result leads to the development of photosynthetic plants, anemones and coral while drawing out the natural vibrant color of fish, coral and marine life.

The shimmer effect from Cayman Sun pendant systems is outstanding. Pronounced shimmer lines enhance the beauty of your aquarium making your aquarium stand out more as the aesthetic centerpiece of the room.

The Cayman Sun reflector is ventilated, powder coated and light weight – only 5 lbs. It can be easily suspended above your aquarium with its built in, steel cable, suspension kit. This suspension kit is adjustable allowing the user to raise or lower the reflector depending on your lighting needs.

Fully assembled and ready to plug in, the Cayman Sun pendant system is available in 150 watt, 250 watt or 400 watt to meet all of your lighting needs.

While it is certainly true that there will always be successes with other lighting choices, the use of metal halide lighting on reef tanks is undoubtedly the best bet to ensuring success. The use of a Cayman Sun HQI Pendant system will change an aquarium that looks so-so into an aquarium that looks vibrant, bright and strikingly alive.

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