Keeping the Holidays Cheerful For Your Pets

by DFS-Pet-Blog on December 5, 2011


With all the hubbub of the holiday season one family member not to forget about is your dog or cat. I’m not thinking about things to buy them as I say that, although of course we’d be in favor of that (!), but rather not forgetting how our pets may react to the hordes of family and friends that come through our homes during the holiday season.

While dogs and cats are social animals (yes, cats are social animals too!), they also need a space where they feel safe and that they can call their own.

Dog in crate

For an indoor dog or cat, a crate where they can curl up and feel like they are getting a break from “Uncle Bob and little Jimmy” is a good thing. Dogs and cats like to “den,” so contrary to what you may think, putting a dog or cat in their crate for a brief period of time isn’t a punishment to them—nor should it be used as such—and is something they may be glad for. Having a crate for them is giving them their own space. And some will head for their crate on their own when company arrives just to avoid the noise and busyness.

Place the crate in a corner of the room out of the traffic flow so “little Jimmy” isn’t tempted to stick his fingers through the door of the crate to tease the dog or cat. By having your pet in the same room, but “protected” in their crate, they can feel a part of the festivities but secure in their environment. And at times leave the door of the crate open to let them decide wither “in or out” is where they want to be. They’ll sort it out themselves in time.


Another alternative to a crate, if you have the room, is to have a good dog bed on the floor out of the traffic flow, or a piece of cat furniture, called a cat tree, for a cat to climb on to survey his kingdom.

Training your dog to “go lie down” on the dog bed signals to them that it’s not time to lick the plates on the folding TV trays! As you know, many cats will simply go and hide, but others prefer to be in the room but not where they can be stepped on. So giving your cat a tree to climb on allows them to have a safe place to “live” when all the busyness hits the room.

Planning in advance for how our pets may react to new people coming into their world, can help keep the holidays cheerful for them and for our guests.

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russell March 15, 2012 at 9:30 am

Great advice… we bought a cat tree when our kitties got destructive… the nights are now peaceful and no longer interrupted by something crashing or breaking! Time to #CELEBRATE

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