“HORSE THERAPY:” The Perfect Fix for a Bad Day

by DFS-Pet-Blog on November 16, 2011

**Guest post from Monica S.**

Back from my first ride on Rose

Back from my first ride on Rose

Have you ever had one of those days? I bet you have. When the clock just seems to be stalled and no matter what you do, it just drags along. Where no matter what you try working on, you can’t get it to work? And all you want to do is GO HOME and have some fun time with your fur-kids. I recently had one of THOSE WEEKS!

When these days happen to me, I know that I need to head to the barn for what I like to call “Horse Therapy.” I love all my fur-kids, but there is something so incredibly therapeutic in going to the barn and working with my girls.

Sometimes it’s to have a long, leisurely trail ride. Other days, it’s a hard-core “learning” lesson. And still others, it’s just to groom and love on them.

These are the times that seem to relax me the most. Working with this big, magnificent animal, who could very easily trample me, but stands in the ties, half-asleep as I brush her … it’s just so magical. Running the brushes over their beautiful coats and untangling the knots in their manes and tails. (My Arabian mare Rose loves to toss her head while she runs and plays. While she looks so pretty when she’s running, the end result is a mane that looks much like Bob Marley’s dreadlocks!)

I also have a license in Sports Massage Therapy for horses. After a good grooming session, I like to follow with a nice relaxing massage. While I am working on my horse, I am releasing all the tension that has built up inside me. It’s a win-win situation!

So now you know how I like to shake off a bad day (or week!). What do you do with your fur-kids to unwind?

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