Featured Employee Pets: Moose & Bear

by DFS-Pet-Blog on November 23, 2011

Employees at Drs. Foster & Smith Pet Supplies share their passion for pets by writing stories and experiences about their own pets here on our Pet Blog. Learn more about their pets in our Featured Employee Pet Series.


  • Name: Moose (merle) & Bear (chocolate)
  • Owner: Jamie F. from the Customer Service Call Center
  • Breed: Chocolate lab/Brittany mix
  • Age: 1 year
  • Birthday: October 13th 2010
  • Weight: 60 pounds each


  • Favorite Treats: Anything mom and dad will let us eat (we are spoiled of course)! Especially extra large cow ears (any flavor), lamb ears, apples, bananas, and we really loved those new PetCakes mom got us from work for our birthday!
  • Favorite Possession: Bear – I have a stuffing free buffalo I love to snuggle with. Moose – I have a stuffed kitty that I love to snuggle with too. We both love our Angry Birds squeaky toy (it looks a lot like an apple). We also like our Eagle Egg Babies toy we picked out at the store the last time mom brought us with her, we love to pull out the eggs and take them from one another.
  • Tricks: We are both very good at shaking and high five. We’re working on bow and roll over. We both play fetch but my brother Bear does not always give it back, he likes to make mom chase him for it (it’s kind of fun to watch).
  • Hobbies: We like to play “find it” with our Dummy Stick in the woods and Charlie Bear and other small treats in the grass. We LOVE to chase Apples!! My brother Bear hops up and down waiting for mom & dad to throw one! We are so lucky to have an apple tree in the yard. Squirrel and Bird watching (Moose does not get as excited as I do; I dance in place when I see one of those critters in my yard!). Getting pieces of rawhide gooey and putting them in mom’s lap so she can toss them to us then we can play with them!


puppy visit

  • Canine Siblings: We are brothers from the same litter but look nothing alike!
  • Other Pet Siblings: One of our other brothers, Bo, lives with nana and papa. We get to see him almost every week and boy do we play!
  • How I found my home: Dad’s cousin has one of our sisters from a previous litter and when mom and dad found out we were going to be born they could not resist us!

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Pets-n-People Pet Care Advice December 9, 2011 at 10:24 pm

I always enjoy reading about other people’s pets. These two boys sound like a lot of fun, and they must keep each other (and you!) very entertained. My dog loves to search for a dummy toy in the woods too, “Find it” is his favorite command. I’m glad because it gives him something to do, and he seems to enjoy using his nose, though he is actually a herding breed. Thanks for sharing!

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