The Magic of Feliway

by DFS-Pet-Blog on September 27, 2011

Cat Feliway **Guest Post From Janet S.**

A little over a month ago, I had the experience of testing a Feliway Comfort Zone® Plug-In in my household with our 17- year-old female cat, Asher. Naturally, since I work at Foster & Smith, I’ve seen this plug-in and have packed quite a few for orders! However, I never thought of trying one for our household.

We adopted Asher at age 11 from the local shelter. We have noticed throughout her 6 years with us some up and down behavior issues. We always attributed any marking to scents from past pets in the household. We even got to the point that we just tore up our carpeting to remove any remains of those scents to cure the problem. Of course, this throws more stress into her life and she had been meowing loudly at us in the morning, demanding things on more of a schedule and constantly rubbing on us whenever home. She is a loving cat, but started to get overbearing.

Feliway Plug-In

It was recommended that we try the Feliway Plug-In. We plugged it into our living room near where she hangs out most of the time. We saw a difference within 24 hours! Our cat became much calmer; she didn’t meow at all the next morning demanding food, attention, water, etc. She waited patiently until we went about the morning routine. We hadn’t seen her rubbing her head on furniture. We even found her curled up in a ball closer to the plug-in.

All of a sudden the other day, things changed! While getting ready for work, my 10-year-old daughter came out of her bedroom upset that Asher had peed on her new gray sweater she left on the floor next to the bed. After rushing it to a wash machine for a good soaking to see if it could at all be saved, I suddenly remembered the Feliway Comfort Zone® Plug-In. I rushed to the outlet to find it empty. The night before this incident and the morning of the incident, Asher had also started meowing loudly again. Luckily for us, I had already stocked up on a few refills so I was ready to go. In went a new refill to bring the house back into order!

By the next day, Asher was once again quiet, mellow and behaving normally with all waste back in the litter box. I am truly amazed at what the Feliway Comfort Zone® Plug-In has done for her.

If your cat urine marks, scratches, calls loudly, has difficulty around other pets in the household, I would recommend trying Feliway. Feliway is perfect anytime your cat must adjust to a different situation. Odorless and nontoxic to humans it is recommended for rooms up to 650 sq ft.

We have a pet rabbit and two dogs and they have no adverse effects to the Feliway. I also have not noticed any unusual scratching, meowing or requests for catnip from my children.

Also available is a Comfort Zone® Feliway Spray for specific targeted spots or for travel. I would recommend the plug-in for any home use and the spray for travel times, kennels, or a favorite sleeping area.


Our only remaining issue was trying to get this busy mom to remember to change the plug-in when it is used up and before something happens! However, yesterday I received the solution! For the next few weeks, when you purchase K9 Advantix® II for Dogs on our website, you get a free 30-day counter! Lucky for me, I have two dogs and K9 Advantix II is the perfect product for all their flea and tick control needs. If you have dogs, I suggest taking advantage of this deal for your next dosing while supplies last. If you don’t have dogs, I can only suggest a calendar reminder or some other means to help you out! I thought of trying a note on my refrigerator, but that only helps if I can remember what day it is! So good luck to you!

If any of you have testimonials on this product you’d like to share or creative ideas on how to remind others or myself to take care of the “non-daily” tasks in taking care of pets, I’d love to hear from you!

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Becky Goodwin April 23, 2012 at 11:13 am

So the Feliway does work? A year ago my husband and I finally combined our households into one large family. My 2 indoor outdoor cats became inside exclusively, and his 4 indoor cats moved in with mine. We never had a pee problem before, we do now, everywhere. I was looking at this product but was unsure about it. I guess this is my next move, although I had heard that it might be kidney crystals in a male cat, I’ll try this first.

Janet S. April 23, 2012 at 11:17 am

Becky – if the problems just occurred now and not when the households were combined, I STRONGLY encourage you to visit the vet before trying Feliway. It works for behavior but if the changes happened awhile ago, chances are your cat’s problems are medical and you do not want to ignore the warning signs. Cats compensate very well for diseases so by the time they show signs they are further along. Please consult your vet and if he/she says the cats are all healthy but there are still behavior issues, by all means try Feliway.

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