Are You Ready For Some Football?

by Keri K. on September 9, 2011



It’s that time of year again! Mo and JP are all decked out to help us celebrate the opening weekend of the NFL here in Wisconsin. Here’s to the reigning Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers!

I had some fun with their hair — it’s food coloring. If you have a larger or heavier-coated dog, you can dilute a few drops of food coloring in a little bit of water and use a spray bottle to apply. Because my Chinese Cresteds have a fine single coat, I put a small drop of food coloring right at the roots and used a paintbrush to blend it outwards. It shampoos right out and won’t rub off once it’s dry (it’ll bleed if it gets wet again, though… it’s not a trick for rainy days!).

Which games will you be watching this weekend?

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