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by DFS-Pet-Blog on July 25, 2011

Izzy with her teacher, Kat, at puppy training class.

Izzy with her teacher, Kat, at puppy training class.

**Guest post from Ellen B.**

This summer we took our puppy, Izzy, to puppy training classes. To be honest, I think it’s more about “owner” training than “puppy” training!

I learned how to teach my dog specific behaviors, how to stop undesirable behaviors, and the importance of being consistent with her. My puppy thought she was simply having fun and enjoying the delicious treats, but I knew she was learning the basics of how to be a well-behaved dog. It was fun to see how much and how quickly the puppies absorbed.

Our instructor (Kat) gave us plenty of opportunity to ask questions on handling behavior issues. That question & answer time was priceless! One of our most frustrating problems with Izzy is her jumping on people. I think we asked questions about that every week. It sometimes was a bit embarrassing to ask for help on the same problem, but what seemed simple at class wasn’t always so simple at home. Just like our puppy needed to be reminded of proper behavior, her human family needed to be reminded of the best way to help Izzy learn proper behavior. In the end, we saw a huge improvement but continue to work on everything we learned.

It was clear that to successfully train Izzy, our whole family had to be consistent in training methods. Both my husband and I went to all the classes so we each heard the training suggestions and could then keep Izzy’s at-home training consistent. We each took turns practicing whatever we learned that night. That was helpful because at different times, one of us would not be doing the training technique properly. Kat corrected us, saving that “disagreement” from happening at home!

Izzy & Kobe

Izzy & Kobe

During one class, we even got to bring our other dog, Kobe. Kat gave us tips on helping them get along, and how to walk two dogs at the same time.

Each class ended with “free play.” The puppies ran, chased and had a blast! I’m sure it was Izzy’s favorite part of class. That socialization with other dogs was priceless, as well.

Yes, Izzy learned SIT, DOWN, WAIT, LEAVE IT, DROP IT and plenty of other really important basic commands. My husband and I learned HOW to teach her. As we all improve, undesirable behaviors are disappearing and our frustrations are calmed. Puppy …errrr OWNER training classes were a priceless investment for us.

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Rosemary July 27, 2011 at 7:57 am

If you’ve got some tips about how to stop the jumping, I’m all ears. At 19 months and 51 pounds, Ilka STILL jumps on people. Not as bad as she used to, but enough to be annoying, and occassionally dangerous. I’ve been sick this week, and she’s nearly knocked me down a couple of times.

Nikki April 23, 2012 at 10:17 am

We just went through the AKC S.T.A.R. puppy program with our 4 month old golden and it was so much fun. The socialization with people and dogs was great for her.
#PETS- busy buddy bone 🙂

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