Breeding Amphiprion latezonatus (Clownfish)

by Kevin Kohen on May 6, 2011

latz clownfish

The Wide Band ClownfishAmphiprion latezonatus, is an Australian endemic that ranges from Southern Queensland to the northern part of New South Wales and east to Lord Howe Island. These fishes have been one of the most challenging of all Anemonefishes (Clownfish) to spawn in captivity. Over the years, home-based breeders and professional hatcheries have struggled to properly condition pairs successfully in an effort to provide the ideal environment for this species to spawn in captivity.

Only a few people around the world have successfully spawned and reared this species, and the dedicated staff at LiveAquaria has joined the ranks of this elite group! Drs. Foster and Smith Aquaculture Coral and Marine Life Facility in Rhinelander, WI has conditioned a pair of Amphiprion latezonatus over the last year, and these fishes have once again bred in one of our office aquariums! Hopefully we will be able to successfully rear the offspring as we are taking steps to prepare larvae tanks, and cranking up our Rotifer production. We have had success with breeding and rearing the rare McCullochi Clownfish in the past, and hope our success there will help us rear the Latz Clownfish. Check out our video below:

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About the author: Kevin earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Wright State University, and is an avid marine life photographer, lifelong aquarist, and marine fish enthusiast. He has worked in the aquarium industry since 1983. He launched the web site in 2000 and designed and oversaw the installation of the Drs. Foster and Smith Aquaculture Coral and Marine Life Facility, which opened in July of 2005. Kevin is currently the Director of LiveAquaria at Drs. Foster and Smith. See more articles by Kevin Kohen.

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Tal Sweet May 16, 2011 at 10:12 pm

Great work Kevin! Have you ever tried Youtube’s “Audio Swap” feature? 😉

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