Online Pet Pharmacy Videos: Bringing the Pharmacist to You

by Jeff K. on April 15, 2011

Most of us have had to visit our local pharmacy to have a prescription filled. If it is for a first-time prescribed medication, the pharmacist on staff will always take the time to go over dosing instructions, possible side effects, and other details you may need to be aware of.
You may have also experienced the same scenario after visiting your veterinarian if your pet was diagnosed with an illness or condition that required treatment with a prescription medication. In some cases, the veterinarian may make the recommendation to treat your pet with prescription meds, but leave the decision up to you as to if and when you would like to begin treatment.

If the news you received about your pet’s condition was unexpected, you may have been a bit too distracted with the news to have completely pay attention to the recommended medications and the details surrounding their use. Once you returned home and you had time to digest your pet’s diagnosis, the only reference you may have for the recommended medications is the list of possible drugs, or the written prescription. Now if you have even simple questions about the medication, it will require a phone call to your veterinarian. Furthermore, if you chose to have the prescription filled on-line, the information you need may not be visible to you before placing the order.

As an employee of Drs. Foster and Smith, I have witnessed the remarkable growth of our online pet pharmacy service. I am pleased to see that so many pet owners are taking responsibility for insuring their pet’s good health. I am also glad to see that our customers are putting enough trust in our service that they are willing to trade off the ability to discuss the details of the medication in person with their veterinarian or animal pharmacist. It was in this area that I felt video could fill that trade-off.


In the summer of 2010, our veterinarian staff and I, along with input from our pharmacists, began to create a video library of our over 195 prescription medications. Each of these videos feature one of our veterinarians explaining the common uses, means of administration, possible side effects, and precautions of the prescription medication. Not only did we cover the brand name medications but also any generic options as well. I am happy to announce that we have completed the project and you will be able to find these videos not only available from our Video Library, but each specific video appears on the medication product page. You can also find them on our Drs. Foster & Smith YouTube channel.

My hope is that when needed, these videos will help you make a more informed decision in regards to the medication treatment of your pet. Our next big video project will focus on common veterinarian terms and animal conditions with in-depth explanations also delivered by our veterinarian staff.

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Jeff currently heads our Video Studio. In 1998, he also started our in-house Photo Studio. Jeff was one of a handful of North American photographers chosen to beta-test digital photography in the late 1980s and was integral in the early development of that technology. Jeff has always been a multiple pet owner, and is particularly partial to rescued Springer Spaniels.

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Penny Gipson April 19, 2011 at 10:12 am

Awesome …very informative !

Katie Grant April 20, 2011 at 8:05 pm

This is a great tool to use! In my experience with going to the Vet they are usually very busy with people waiting to be seen in the next room. So I always feel guilty if I take up too much time asking questions. Most of the time the Vet is in a rush and does not go over the medication prescribed completley, so this is a great way to answer any questions I might have about side affects etc. Thanks for putting out these videos Foster and Smith!!

Kim Caise April 21, 2012 at 11:57 pm

Y’all have some of the best prices on meds for our dogs and great informative info to help educate pet owners! #pets

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