Puppy Love at First Sight

by DFS-Pet-Blog on March 31, 2011

**Guest post from Michele B.**

For Christmas, I sort of tricked my husband into getting a new puppy. I insisted that our 9-year-old dog, Allie, needed a pal. Shortly before the holiday, he said you never tell me what you want for Christmas. The lights started flashing in my head and I said, “I want another DOG!” What could he say, really?

The truth is, my husband and I had been talking about getting a new dog for the last couple of years. Our daughter turned five and we thought she was at about the right age to be able to respect and help care for a new member of the family. Believe me, this was not a spur of the moment decision! (See these tips for thinking through pet adoption before you adopt!)


We visited the local shelter with our daughter a few times. We all agreed to look for a medium-size adult female dog, but there weren’t any available. One of my visits to the shelter I saw a small, black, mixed-breed puppy in the corner cage. Her ears perked straight up when she saw me. I couldn’t leave without her.

Puppies are so cute and a lot of fun, but they also need training, attention, and our new puppy is very curious. We decided to name her Georgia. Her name should really be Curious Georgia, because she has to check out every little thing.

Tonight we have our first Puppy Obedience Class.  I’m excited to get Georgia on the right path and hopefully, it will make our lives together much more rewarding.  I’ll keep you updated on her progress.

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Rosemary March 31, 2011 at 11:17 am

Good luck with the puppy. She’s cute. Any idea what kind of mix she might be? Looks kind of like a Shepherd in the picture, but that’s no guarantee that she has any Shepherd in her. According to the DNA profile I had done on Ilka, she is mostly Bulldog and Italian Greyhound, with some Am Staff and Collie, but she sure looks like a Bull Terrier/Border Collie cross.

Speaking of Ilka, I am mailing the entry for her first Obedience/Rally trial tomorrow. The show is on the 29th of April, so we will need to do some serious practicing between now and then. She is entered in Beginner Novice A for Obedience, and Novice A for Rally, (Both classes are entirely on-leash. I’m crazy, not insane.). I am hoping she will get a qualifying score in at least one class. But, even if she fails both calsses, as long as she doesn’t go after another dog or jump all over the judge, and I don’t pass out from stage fright, it will be a success.

Michele B. April 1, 2011 at 9:06 am

Thanks Rosemary! I’m not certain what breed mix Georgia may be. Originally I thought she was Sheltie and Black Lab but her veterinarian said possibly Border Collie. I’ve heard she looks like she may have some Terrier or Shepherd in her as well. She is fairly small, around 20 pounds, and I don’t believe she will get too much bigger. If I end up doing the DNA testing on her, I will post what I find out. She loves to fetch and I’m looking forward to agility training in the future.

Good luck with IIka’s Obedience/Rally trial! I’m sure you will both do great. She sounds like a beautiful dog and she is lucky to have a pet-passionate owner!

Ryan April 6, 2011 at 8:12 pm

Good luck with the puppy! Looks like an interesting mix.

Hopefully the obedience classes go over well – we adopted a young dog that was so well-mannered at the shelter but turned out to be absolutely crazy at home!

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