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by DFS-Pet-Blog on March 2, 2011

Author Richard W. Jennings

Author Richard W. Jennings

I met Richard Jennings, author of Orwell’s Luck© and our children’s pet stories author, when he was writing a sequel for one of his several children’s books. Drs. Foster and Smith helped out with some information and equipment so Richard could have his pet octopus “Sandy” at his side while he was writing. Sandy was a rascal who hid from Richard regularly. We had some good email conversations back and forth about Sandy and her hiding-in-a-saltwater-cave practices.

One day as I was driving along thinking about us creating some kid’s pet stories, Richard’s name came to mind as the natural person to ask to write them for on behalf of Drs. Foster & Smith.  He said yes, and we were on our way with a series of at least 12 stories that Richard may one-day roll into a book.

Our goal with the fictional pet stories is to have something that is just fun for parents or grandparents or guardians to read with their kids. Pet stories that are clever and wholesome and that will give kids and the significant adults in their lives, the chance to spend time together with a made up story about something they both love: dogs, cats, birds, and little critters!

Far too often customers only receive promotional material from retailers and their relationship is based on price, promotion and products. But our products are for living things, pets, pets that are like members of the family! We love pets and one of our Drs. Foster & Smith company mottos is “Because We Are Vets, We Love Pets!”  It’s true.  We do love them and we are privileged to be working at a company where pets roam the halls nearly every day, coming in to be the stars of the show in our photo studio and video studio.

So we are thrilled to be able to share some original pet stories with you online. Just for fun (and free).

Home For Porchie Story

The online stories revolve around a little girl named Aubrey and the adventures she and her family have, with a variety of pets.  I have to confess that I have a granddaughter named Aubrey.  Somehow, the lead character in these stories has taken on her name.  And, of course coincidently, in later stories there will be some dachshunds named Sophie and Owen and Jozie, matching the names of the other grandchildren of someone who occupies my office here at the company.  Oh yes, and then there is a boy named Bean, the nickname of the soon-to-be-born baby of our youngest daughter.  Thank you Richard!  Cleverly done!

Occasionally the name of someone else from Drs. Foster and Smith is hinted at, like the character Dr. Race Faster.  No, that is not a typo. It is of course a take-off on the real Dr. Race Foster.  So while the stories are completely fiction, know that each name is fictitiously connected in some way, to a real person right here at the company.  That was Richard’s idea, and we like it.

We hope you’ll enjoy the short, online stories and share them with others who want a simple break in the day and a way to spend some quality time with a pet-loving child in their lives.  With the hectic pace of life these days, taking time to read a child a pet story is a wonderful way to build a relationship and to teach some values about good pet care.

You may read our first online kid’s story, A Home For Porchie. Enjoy!

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james lamb September 3, 2012 at 10:06 am

As a fan of children’s stories and particularly ones involving animals, creating tales about pets is a great idea. I can forsee people wanting stories about their own pets.

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