Helpful Winter Products for Dogs

by DFS-Pet-Blog on February 7, 2011

Mojito and Pan are willing to share when it comes to heated comfort.

Mojito and Pan are willing to share when it comes to comfort.

If, like mine, your dog is not a cold-weather breed, there are still ways to enjoy the snowy months. Here’s a list of great products that I really use to help Mojito survive until spring.

A cozy bed

…or five. Mojito and the cats have beds in every room of our home (yes, even the bathroom). Their favorites are cuddler beds like Slumber Nests. We also have a heated PetSafe Wellness Sleeper that, when plugged in, is the most popular spot in the house (see photo).


Boots like Muttluks keep snow and ice from getting stuck between toes, as well as offering protection from freezing pavement and potentially dangerous ice melt chemicals. Mo has been known to refuse to put a paw outside without them. (Read a post about our first try at dog boots.)


Mo, braving the elements, in a Velveteen Hoodie and Muttluk Hott Doggers

Sweaters and Coats

Dogs that are shorthaired (or no haired, like Mo) will appreciate an extra layer against snow and wind. It’s great to pull a coat off inside the door and have a nice dry dog underneath, too. This season, one of your warmest options is the plush Velveteen Striped Hoodie — I was so impressed with them that Mo has one of both colors.

Piddle Pads

We have a seldom-used second exterior door that is enclosed by a lean-to. On the worst of the wintry days, we learned to drop a Piddle Pad in the corner of the lean-to and ask Mo to do his business out there, saving us both the trip into the storm; a great option for small or elderly dogs! If you really want to get fancy, check out the Pet Loo.

Doggie doormat

To keep the outdoors where it belongs, Mo has his own “Wipe Your Paws” doormat just inside. We’ve taught him to go straight there and wait, so as not to track mud or melting snow all over the floors. He then gets his boots and coat removed, and only then is free to dash off to where he’d rather be: the sofa.

Joint Care 3

Joint Care

Dogs with arthritis or other joint conditions can feel worse in damp and cold weather, just like people. Mojito has luxating patellas, so we’re sure to give him all the support we can with Joint Care 3. The Chewable form is by far the easiest to use — I either crumble it over his food or use one as a treat reward.

Odor removers

This one is for us outnumbered humans in the house. I like to regularly wash everyone’s bed covers with Nature’s Miracle, and keep upholstery and rugs fresh with AllergenSpray.

A few treats or some peanut butter inside an Occupi toy keep Mo busy.

A few treats or some peanut butter inside an Occupi toy keep Mo busy.

Treats and Toys

Okay, these are year-round use! But when weather is inclement, there are options to have some indoor fun. Treat toys like the Occupi get Mo thinking and moving, as well as games of “hide and seek” with Liver Snax hidden about the room. Skinneez toys are also scattered all over the house — both the cat-sized and the Minis.

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Deloris Hunter November 10, 2011 at 6:09 pm

I am serching for some help for my little Welsh Corgi , he has a skin fungus that we have fought last year now it has reoccured again . He starts iching around September . Last year I suspected that food allergies might be the cause . I changed his food to an all natural one and added suppiements < vitamin , brewers yeast , and flaxseed oil. This greatly helped and all was fine until this fall . Our vet treated him last year repeatedly for this . Does anyone have any suggestions or answers ?

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